Making Your Event Memorable

Stop me if you’d heard this one before…


Your event has a speaker on stage, but your attendees are checking their phones. Texting. Scrolling. Chatting.


They’re tired, bored, and completely checked out.


And why? Because they aren’t engaged. They’re being spoken to, not interacted with. As a longtime comedian, my audiences have taught me one very important thing – the audience wants to be part of the show.


So I make it YOUR stage. Through humor, questions, activities, motion, emotion and energy. I ensure that your attendees feel like the stars. That they’re entertained, and also entertainers.


Let’s work together to give them that feeling at your next event. To create a day of laughter, enthusiasm and engagement that they’ll never forget.

Event Speaker/Host

Bringing your crowd to their feet!

You’ve got a big event coming up, and you need a speaker to ensure the night flows smoothly.

So, you weigh your options:

  • Have a member of the board host the event, and hope people enjoy the funniest jokes from 1985
  • Break the bank for a five minute celebrity appearance
  • Hire a professional comedian who will light up the room, make your speakers look great, and keep the event energetic and lively

The choice is clear, isn’t it? Go with the board member. 80’s jokes were the best.

But if you’re still not sold on that idea and want a professional, let’s chat!


Turning your team into entertainers

Need to energize your attendees and employees with a fun, lively activity…but the bingo hall is closed?

Geoff Woliner’s “Lights! Camera! Training!” workshop will help your attendees:

  • Get excited about your industry
  • Unleash their inner stage performers
  • Learn how to captivate others with the story of YOUR organization

Our workshops are available in breakout session, full-day, half-day and multi-day retreat formats.

We’ve led led hundreds of workshops for associations, volunteer organizations and corporate groups across the United States,and look forward to working with you next!

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Geoff Woliner



When Geoff Woliner was 10 years old, he was asked to deliver a toast for his grandfather’s 80th birthday. A few years shy of his first Toastmasters meeting, he didn’t have a clue what to say and had to wing it. So he delivered a Dean Martin-style roast that had his grandfather and everyone in the room in stitches. And on that cold, snowy November day, a comedian was born.

Geoff went onto a comedy and speaking career spanning nearly 20 years, being named Stand-up NY’s “Funniest Person from Queens” and leading public speaking workshops for hundreds of organizations throughout North America. He’s currently the Founder and CEO of Winning Wit, a speech writing and presentation coaching service that helps others unleash their inner performers and light up the room.




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