Maid of Honor

“I was so nervous about giving this Maid of Honor speech. I hate speaking in front of people. But Winning Wit helped calm me down and wrote me a speech that had my best friend laughing AND crying. They were a lifesaver.”

Sarah S., Montclair, NJ

Like our friend Sarah, you were also asked to give a speech at this wedding.

So we start by saying, congrats on being named the Maid of Honor!

And by congrats, we mean our deepest sympathies.

Yes, we know. It’s a tough gig. The dress shopping. The bridal shower. The bachelorette party. 

The conflict resolution with the other bridesmaids who think they should have been the Maid of Honor….

…you know the ones.

And if all that wasn’t enough…now you’ve got to give a speech in front of a room full of people. 


So, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news: We can’t help you with the dress. Or the bridesmaids. Or the limo not showing up for the bachelorette party.

But here’s the good news: We can absolutely help you with the speech.

Not only will we write a speech that sounds like the best version of you, we’ll teach you how to conquer your nerves and deliver it like a pro.

And just like Sarah, you’ll have the whole room laughing, crying and wanting more.

Maid of Honor Speech

In the process, you’ll create a memory for the bride she’ll never, ever forget.

We’ve written speeches for Maids of Honor all across the U.S. and Canada (Maids of Honour, for our friends in the True North Strong and Free…) and look forward to helping you shine on the big day.

To take the first steps toward a memorable speech, all you need to do is follow our simple 3-step process:

  1. Fill out the contact form below
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  3. We’ll write your speech and have a first draft to you within 24 hours!

You ready to deliver a speech for the ages? We’re ready to write one for you 🙂

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And if you know a Best Man or Father of the Bride who also needs speech help, we offer bundled discounts!

Maid of Honor