“Geoff’s workshop lit the room on fire! We had more than 40 trainers who needed to learn how to make boring content fun, and that’s exactly what happened. We all became entertainers that day!” 


Cep Cantey, President, Association for Talent Development
Midlands Chapter



Like our friend Cep, you also have a group of folks who have information they need to get across.


Salespeople. Trainers. Human Resources. Fundraisers.


But the same problem crops up over and over in this day and age of limited attention spans and smartphones…
  • How do we make our messages compelling?
  • How do we get our audience to listen?
  • Most importantly – how to we get them to care?


Through great storytelling.


In this one-of-a-kind workshop, Winning Wit founder and award-winning comedian Geoff Woliner will teach your group how to become master storytellers and entertainers.


The kind of entertainers that can make any content – no matter how dry – excite and energize an audience.


And ensure that they are paying full attention to YOU, and not their phones!


We’ve led workshops for…




Now it’s time to turn the folks in your organization into master storytellers.


To communicate clearly, engage your people, and make any content…emails, policy manuals, sales pitches, fundraising calls, even all-staff meetings…FUN!


Our workshops are available in webinar, half-day, full-day, and retainer formats to fit your organization and budget.


And if you want to pay us $100 million for a multi-year retainer, that’s ok too 🙂


To get started, all you need to do is…


  1. Fill out our contact form
  2. We’ll get in touch to schedule a call and discuss how we can best help you.
  3. We’ll send you a customized proposal with the fee schedule, workshop format and anything else you need!


As a bonus, every one of your employees will receive a complementary one-hour presentation coaching session to ensure they deliver these stories like a pro!


Are you ready to make dry content fun and turn your folks into storytelling machines? 


We are. Let’s do this!


Don’t love contact forms? No problem!


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